Single and House Hunting? Why a Two-Bedroom Townhouse Might Be the Right Fit

If you're a single adult, you may have spent a few years renting as you build momentum in your career. Now that you have the means to be a homeowner, it's time to find the right fit for your lifestyle. There are options like condos and apartments -- or even single-family homes -- but you might find the right fit in a two-bedroom townhouse.  Maintenance Costs and Time Townhouse developments come with HOA fees that initially might seem steep until you realize they take care of a lot of the home maintenance that you would normally have to take care of yourself. Read More 

Two Signs It’s Time To Buy A House

If you are getting started out in the world, moving into an apartment can seem like a big adventure. You may be thrilled at the prospect of finally having your own space. Maybe you can't wait to stay up late without anyone telling you it's time for bed. However, after you have lived in apartments for some time, you may start to feel like purchasing a house might be the right next step. Read More 

Two Great Reasons To Purchase A New Construction Home

Although the terms "new" and "used" most commonly refer to vehicles, these words also apply when it comes to houses. A pre-owned house is one that has been occupied by one or more sets of tenants, while a brand-new home is considered a new construction that has never been lived in. Both types of properties come with their own set of advantages, so it is important to weigh out your options before you decide which one to go for. Read More