Single and House Hunting? Why a Two-Bedroom Townhouse Might Be the Right Fit

If you're a single adult, you may have spent a few years renting as you build momentum in your career. Now that you have the means to be a homeowner, it's time to find the right fit for your lifestyle. There are options like condos and apartments -- or even single-family homes -- but you might find the right fit in a two-bedroom townhouse. 

Maintenance Costs and Time

Townhouse developments come with HOA fees that initially might seem steep until you realize they take care of a lot of the home maintenance that you would normally have to take care of yourself. They would mow whatever lawn you have, trim trees, and even reroof the townhouse since you share a roof with other dwellings. You don't have to worry about big expenses that come up or take time in the evening after work to do yard chores. 

Room for Guests or Home Office

You might not feel a second bedroom is needed at first, but it can be useful, even if you're living alone. You can use the second bedroom for friends or family who come to visit, turn it into a home office, or even give a beloved pet a place all their own. The other benefit of a second bedroom is that if your financial situation changes, you can rent out the room to help with the cost of your mortgage. A second bedroom also helps with resale value if you ever want to sell the townhouse down the road. 

Reduced Initial Expense With Added Space

Why a townhouse and not an apartment? Generally, townhouses are the bridge between apartment living and single-family home life. They often have features you won't find in an apartment, including an attached garage so you don't have to pay for parking or park in a community lot. Townhouses can also have basements, which are useful for expanding your household if you do end up having more people live with you down the road. 

Access to Community Amenities

Finally, townhouse communities come with rich amenities. You won't have a large backyard, but you will have access to trails, a community park, a clubhouse, a fitness center, and maybe even a swimming pool if you find a well-designed community. If you're a pet lover, you'll be excited to find a dog-friendly townhouse development with dog parks and plenty of sidewalk space for afternoon strolls. 

Talk to a real estate agent today about finding two-bedroom townhomes that are for sale in your area.