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5 Extras You Should Always Negotiate With Your New Home Builder

Most new home builders stand by their price. If you are a savvy real estate agent on your team, however, you can negotiate extras in your contract instead. While these items do not cost the builder much, they may save you money, time, or frustration later.  1. HOA Dues: When you are building a home in a new subdivision or master-planned community, you will have monthly HOA (home owner's association) dues. Ask the builder to pay for a year of association dues for you, upfront, at the closing. Read More 

Recommendations When You Are Shopping For A House With A Pool

The process to buy a home is an exciting one, but when you factor in the ability to own your home with a pool just outside your back door, it can open all kinds of opportunities and enjoyment for you and your family. But before you go out and choose a home with just any pool, make sure you do some due diligence or "homework" on the property before making the final purchase decision. Read More 

Buying A Turnkey Home? Pick Optimal Features For Your Family

When you buy a home, you will need to make the important decision between a fixer-upper and turnkey property. While a fixer-upper may seem a bit overwhelming at times, you can make changes and improvements that suit your family's wants and needs perfectly. A turnkey home is great as you do not have to worry about doing any work for your family to live there comfortably. If you are determined to make sure that your family is satisfied beyond getting a house in great condition and with enough square footage, you should pay attention to the features. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Purchase A Piece Of Land

Many people opt to buy land for a number of reasons. Some people may choose to buy land to build a home on, while others may see buying acreage as an investment that they can sell several years later. If you are interested in buying land for the first time, it is important to be prepared and know what you are doing. The last thing that you want is to spend your hard-earned money on land that can be properly utilized the way you plan to use it. Read More 

3 Security Features To Look For In A Luxury Single Family Home

With the changing, uncertain times, home security is more important than ever before. The right security system can help you to protect the belongings that you have worked so hard to accumulate and also to help you to preserve treasured family mementos. If you are in the market for luxury single-family homes, here are three security features you should look for.  1. Gated Community Gated communities are prized for having astonishingly low crime rates and carefully manicured streets since the entire entrance of the community is protected with a steel fence and possibly, a security detail. Read More