Why Have Your Home Inspected Before Purchasing It

You should have your home inspected prior to signing any final paperwork, and there are many good reasons why this should be done. While a home is appraised prior to purchasing, a home inspection is not always required by the lender, and not all home buyers find this part of the purchase even necessary. Still, it's worth it to have the home inspected by a home inspection service before you come close to closing on the property. Here are just a few reasons why.

An inspection isn't that expensive

A home inspection costs on average around $300 or more to have the home fully inspected. The size of the home being inspected and how detailed the inspection is will determine what your costs will be. A residential home inspection service will give you their quote for the services so you know what to expect in the inspection.

When you have the home inspection done, your real estate agent will forward the inspection results to you to help you continue with your home purchase. Any alarming inspection results can be brought to your attention from the get-go, allowing you to feel more confident in the home you are buying. Since the inspection itself is not that expensive, it's a worthy investment into your potential home.

An inspection helps you with your purchase negotiations

A home inspection helps you in the negotiations towards buying your home because if anything comes up that requires repairs or replacement, such as worn electrical wiring, lack of insulation, or other issues, you can let the home seller know that you either want to have them do the repairs so you can buy the home at its current agreed price, or you can tell them you'll do the work but have the cost taken out of the price of the home.

Since you'll have the results from a professional home inspection service to back you up, negotiations on your new home can be made easier. Without an inspection by a residential home inspection service company, you may not even know repairs or other needs exist in the home, and you can end up eating those home maintenance costs yourself.

When you buy your new home, have a home inspection service give the property a thorough inspection. Even if everything comes up fine, you'll know you made a wise investment in learning just what your home needs or doesn't need to make the property worth every penny you put into it.