Who Pays Cash For Homes Anyway?

If you've ever found yourself asking, "Who pays cash for homes?" you certainly are not alone. How is it even possible for someone to have enough money to pay cash for a home without financing?

The answer to this question is complex. There are multiple types of cash home buyers, including the following:

  • Wealthy people

  • People who are downsizing

  • House flippers

  • Landlord investors

Individual Cash Home Buyers

Some people who choose to pay cash for a home are those of great wealth. Wealthy people often pay cash for a home to avoid paying mortgage interest.

Sometimes they buy a home for a relative or to use as a vacation retreat; regardless of the reason, wealthy buyers are used to high-end finishes and upscale properties. To attract a cash home buyer of wealth, your home needs to be in tip-top shape.

Others who pay cash for a home are downsizers preparing to live out their retirement years in a smaller home with less maintenance. Their children have all grown up and moved out. The large family home is no longer necessary and becoming a burden.

Thanks to having owned a home for decades, many retirees cash out a lot of equity when they sell. This allows them to pay cash for their smaller home and live out their retirement mortgage-free.

Investment Cash Home Buyers

Home flippers and investors also purchase homes sold for cash. Home flippers are attracted to older homes that are in need of cosmetic repairs. This type of investor will come in, do all the work that a home needs to sell for top dollar, and then sell for a profit.

Home flippers will pay cash for your home and often post flyers in neighborhoods stating such.

If you want to get out from underneath your home and do not want to do any repairs, then selling to a home flipper is a great option. Flippers often close quickly, don't require professional inspections or contingencies, and are easy buyers to work with.

The final type of cash home buyers are investors. Some investors buy high-end or unique properties to sit on in hopes that they will appreciate in value, while others purchase properties to turn into rentals or tear them down entirely for a new home to be built. 

The best way to attract investors or any other type of cash home buyer to your home listing is to work with a real estate agent or broker who frequently works with these buyers. To learn more about cash home buyers, contact a company like Advantage Home Buyer.