Moving Is a Part of Military Life: Resources for Learning About Your New Hometown

There's no such thing as staying in one city or town when you're an active-duty military member. Moves due to re-assignments are part of a lifestyle that affects the active-duty service member. Moving can greatly impact the spouses and families of service members, too.  As such, it's crucial to learn as much as possible about the family's new hometown. There will be a lot of planning and anticipation, particularly when there are children. Children will need to be placed in new schools, they'll need to find new appropriate activities to participate in, and parents will need to find ways to integrate, too.  If you're in the position of wondering how life will be in your next hometown, or if you'd like to get ahead of the issue, here are a few suggestions that should help you to adjust to your new life when you're re-assigned. 

Social media

Social media serves as a wonderful resource for learning about what's new and interesting in a new city. In fact, there are social media platforms that host community groups for people who live in specific cities.  Depending on which social media platform you use, you can gain very broad or very specific information about your new hometown. Be sure to check out streaming platforms to watch clips posted by local news stations. You'll learn everything from local events, crime reports, and local weather patterns. 

Online news articles

In addition to learning about a new hometown on social media platforms, you can also research online news articles about your new home city. Depending upon the size of the city or town, you'll find an online paper that either serves the local or the regional community. 

Morale, Welfare, Recreation (MWR) 

Regardless which branch of the military you're serving in, you can find an office that handles morale, welfare, and recreation, commonly known as the MWR. This is an official military bureau that's tasked with providing positive morale and entertainment for service members and their families. This is a valuable resource for transitioning and adjusting to a new base assignment. 

Military relocation real estate agents

Finally, you should reach out to a real estate agent who specializes in military relocation. When it comes to military relocation, these are agents who understand your primary concerns: finding the right schools for your children and placing you in housing that's close to your base. They'll also make sure you know where to find crucial places like grocery stores, shopping centers, churches, and venues for entertainment. 

For more information about military relocation services, talk to a real estate agent today.