5 Practical Things Real Estate Agents Can Do For Sellers

In the era of modern innovations, some people may wonder how a real estate agent can still help sellers. The assistance of an experienced agent, though, provides a variety of very practical aids on a number of fronts. Here are just a few things they can handle for you. 

1. Staging Your Home. Staging — the decision about what décor and furnishings to add to or remove from the house to present it in the best light — is a vital component of getting the best price. Your real estate agent knows from personal experience what sells a home. And they can take charge of this part of the process by guiding your choices or even removing items and arranging for storage.

2. Vetting Contractors. Does anything in your house need to be repaired or updated before you can sell it? Did anything fail the inspection? If so, your real estate agent is a good source for recommendations on contractors. They've developed a network over the years, and chances are high that if they don't know someone personally, they have contacts who do. And if you need help actually getting the work done, they can serve as your agent in dealing with these contractors. 

3. Finding the Right Comps. "Comps," or comparable homes to base your pricing on, are important when finding the perfect balance between listing price, negotiation, and speed. But choosing comps for your particular property may not be cut-and-dry for unusual listings. They will research specific issues, look at historical trends, and remain abreast of future trends to aid you in making this key decision. 

4. Helping House You. Many sales and purchases are careful timing issues. If you end up needing a temporary place to stay, turn to your real estate agent for help. Their extensive network includes knowledge about apartment complexes and temporary (corporate) housing services in the area as well as other sellers or buyers who may have homes temporarily available for short-term rentals. They may even manage some of these options. 

5. Auctioning the House. If you urgently need to sell or your home won't pass standard inspections, you may decide to auction it. Some real estate agents can perform this service — setting up the auction, managing it, and arranging for the delivery of the keys. And if they can't do it themselves, they'll know how to get the job done. 

Could you use help in any of these areas? Whether you're selling for the first time or you have particular questions and concerns, meet with a real estate agent today to learn how they can make the process easier. With their practical assistance, you're sure to see a quick and stress-free sale.