Buying Homes For Short-Term Vacation Rentals: What To Consider Before You Buy

If you have some dispensable income and you are looking for an investment opportunity, investing in vacation homes for sale might be your best option. These homes can be rented out for short-term stays to really yield an attractive payout over the long term. Nevertheless, there are certain things you have to consider before you buy. 

1. How easy is the interior to keep clean and sanitary?

Of course, if you are going to be using a home to rent out to vacationers, one of the most important things to look at is how easy it is to keep the place clean. Certain home elements can make a home a lot more time-consuming when it comes to cleaning between visitor stays. A few examples: 

  • A lot of carpet takes a lot of vacuuming and sanitary measures
  • Large bathtubs can take a lot of time to clean 
  • Secondary kitchen spaces or kitchenettes can mean double the time cleaning kitchen messes 

Take a walk through the home and consider what would be involved if you were cleaning up after one guest in preparation for the next. 

2. How much maintenance will the landscape require?

Gorgeous shrubbery, flowers, and grass can make a vacation home attractive to travelers, but these are also the kinds of things that can require a lot of time and attention where outdoor upkeep is concerned. Instead, opt for properties with lawns that consist of hardscaping features like gravel and stone instead of grass. Go for properties that do not have trees that will need trimming on a regular basis. And, make sure shrubs are slow-growing and low-maintenance. 

3. How accessible is the property for maintenance?

Lovely, off-grid vacation homes are pretty desirable for travelers, but they can create a lot of issues for their owners. If the property is difficult to access because of its location, it will mean it will cost you more when the property needs maintenance. If you are planning to pay someone to keep the lawn mowed, the house cleaned, and everything running smoothly, difficult accessibility can drive up your annual costs of owning the property. You may recoup your costs through rental, but this is definitely something to keep in mind as you examine homes for sale. If you're looking for a vacation rental investment that is going to yield the highest profit margin, you do have to look at the costs of maintenance. 

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