3 Reasons To Use Drone Videography In Real Estate

If you own a real estate brokerage, you are sure to want access to all of the tools available to make it easier to get your listings sold. In this day and age, using drone videography is becoming increasingly popular with real estate agents. When it comes to an online listing, photographs are important, but aerial videography of a property captured by a drone can make a big difference. No matter what type of property you specialize in selling, it is in your best interest to develop a relationship with a real estate videographer who uses drones. Some of the top benefits of using drone videography in real estate include the following.

Highlight the Location of the Property

Still photographs of a property taken from the ground can't give potential buyers a good idea of the location of the property and what is in the vicinity. However, drone videography is a great way to highlight where a property is located and what is nearby. If you're selling commercial office space, you may want to highlight the fact that the building is located near the highway and public transportation, making it an ideal location since it will be easy for employees to get there. Likewise, if you're selling residential property, you can use drone photography to show that a home is close to a beautiful park, a lake, or the beach.

Offer a Bird's Eye View of the Property

One of the reasons that drone videography has become so popular in real estate is the fact that it offers potential buyers a whole new perspective. When drone videography is used, it is much easier to get an idea of the size of the property and how it is laid out. With commercial property, using drone photography makes it easier to see the size of the lot and the parking situation. Using drone videography with residential properties allows a buyer to see the entire lot from above and see how large the yard is.

Get More Listings

If you work in real estate, forming a relationship with a real estate drone videographer can be very beneficial for your business. More and more sellers are wanting to incorporate drone footage into their listings, so they seek out real estate agents that can provide that and incorporate drone footage into their marketing plan. When you get more listings, you will make a lot more in commissions over the course of a year.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers commercial drone videography services.