Leaving The Nest? 3 Reasons A Studio Apartment Is Perfect

Are you moving out on your own for the first time? For most Americans, this is a rite of passage that signals your real entry into the adult world. The temptation may be to seek out a large and luxurious apartment with everything you need to enjoy your newfound freedom. But a different route might be the best to take. What route? The modest studio apartment. While not as flashy as some other choices, it can be perfect for many reasons. Here are three of the most important.  

1. It Won't Stretch Your Budget

For most young people just starting out, budgets are tight. Whether you've gotten your first good job, are headed to college, or are a new couple starting out, you likely need to make sure you stay within your means. Studio apartments are usually the most budget-friendly option.

Even if your budget isn't bare-bones, you are wise to leave a buffer between monthly income and expenses. Young renters are at risk of being derailed by an unexpected financial emergency, and you can protect yourself by planning for the unplanned. 

2. It's Low Maintenance

Most young adults have neither the time nor the desire to spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining their home. College students and those starting out a career usually need to focus on their studies or work. Many work more than one job. A majority of people freshly out of the nest don't have a lot of experience in keeping up a home. A studio provides the least amount of maintenance and little or no repair work. 

3. It Needs Little Furnishing

Anyone moving away from home probably doesn't have a lot of furnishings to fill their first apartment. You might have a bedroom set and maybe some tables, but few people move out with a full living room set, dining table, and lots of kitchen supplies. You may even need to buy everything new in order to get started.

Make this less of a problem by having less of a need. Studios will fit a minimalist decor style — whether voluntary or by default — while looking more full and complete than a larger apartment.  

Clearly, a studio apartment has a lot to offer someone newly on their own. No matter whether you want a simple lifestyle or a budget-friendly place to live, it's a great choice. Learn more about studio unit styles and prices in your area by talking with an experienced real estate agent today.