Building A Home? What To Talk To Your Home Builder About Before They Break Ground

When you go into a model home and find your dream layout, you may be ready to pull the trigger and start building right away. Before you settle on any lot or layout though, there are a few different things that you will want to negotiate with the builder about. From the lot size to the finishes in the home, this article will list a few things that you can work out with your new home builder to ensure that you get your dream home. 

The Lot Size and Location

Your lot is the piece of land that your home will sit on and if it's too small, too large, or on a busy street, then you may not be happy with it. When you are first meeting with a new home builder, you will want to go over all of your lot options. What's important to you? Do you want a big lot? Do you want a corner lot? Do you want a lot on a cul de sac? Do you want a lot with a view? These are all different considerations you will want to make before you put money down on your exact lot. 

The Home's Layout

While you may look at one model home, that doesn't necessarily mean that that is the only layout that's available for you to build. Make sure you go over every home layout in detail with your new home builder. If you want an open living concept, then you'll want a floor plan with that. Also, ask if there are any things that you can change or that you can even customize. For instance, if you want a large bedroom but there are two small bedrooms, you could ask if you could move the wall to create just one large space instead. 

The Finishes

One of the best parts about building a new home is getting to go to the design center to pick all of the finishes. Talk to your home builder about what's included in the base price and what's extra; this may help you narrow down how much you want to pay for things like a certain lot. Also, see if they are willing to give you some sort of allowance to use towards upgraded finishes. 

The home building process can be a really great opportunity for you to have your dream house built from scratch. Make sure to talk to your home builder about these three things ahead of time. To learn more about new homes, reach out to a builder in your area.