Different Ways Real Estate Agents Can Make Your Home’s Listing Stand Out

In this day and age, real estate agents are getting more creative with new and innovative ways to market your home for sale. When they create a real estate listing, many of them are doing more than simply ensuring all the details of the house are available to prospective clients, they are really showcasing the home and highlighting details important to buyers.

Here are a few different ways that your real estate agent can make your home's listing stand out from the crowd.

Virtual And Internet Tours

One of the more popular ways agents market real estate listings is to hold open houses and schedule appointments for buyers to see the home. While homes don't always sell at an open house, the home can be marketed to agents who are looking for homes for their clients to buy and can increase the chances of your home selling.

New ways to showcase the home in this manner include having virtual and internet tours instead. A virtual tour is a video walkthrough of the home that the agent or a professional videographer will record highlighting the home and giving a voiceover of the home's details. A virtual tour has become very popular in recent years and can actually give you a better view of the home than simple pictures in a listing can.

Internet tours can be either a live-streamed tour of the home, in which the agent takes viewers along with them to showcase the home, or it can be pre-recorded and uploaded to Youtube or the agent's own website. This tour, especially a live-streamed tour can bring interest because potential agents and clients alike can ask questions in real-time of the agent as they take you on a tour without the client having to actually be there.

Website Dedicated To The Listing

In recent years this has become a popular way to highlight real estate listings. Agents are creating websites dedicated specifically to houses they wish to highlight to increase their potential for a faster sale. The website includes details of the home, has photographs and videos, virtual tours, live question and answer sessions, and more.

Agents can get visitor's details through email marketing and find potential buyers this way. The website could also include information about the neighborhood surrounding the home including restaurants, stores, information about the school district, and more. Anything a potential buyer might like to know about the home but doesn't have time to find out via a walk-through or open house.

Potential buyers can then contact the agent to set up in-person views of the home. This ensures only interested parties will come to see the home in person. It's a good idea to have the website be mobile friendly too as many new buyers search listings on their phone or tablets.

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