The Thorough Walkthrough: How To Be A Homebuyer With Eyes Wide Open

Among the many residential houses that get listed for sale every year, there are some that are going to be pretty much perfect. These homes will have few flaws, need little-to-no work, and will pretty much be just what you expect. However, as a homebuyer, it is wise if you never walk into a prospective home expecting that it is just as perfect as it looks on the surface. Being a homebuyer with eyes wide open means you are a buyer that knows how to do a thorough walkthrough so you know exactly what you are making an offer for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at residential houses for sale.  

Avoid feeling pressured to rush through the house. 

The best real estate agents will give you ample time to walk through the home, examine what you wish, and consider what life would look like inside the house for you. However, there can be times when an agent wants to rush through. Do not feel pressured to follow suit and do a quick walkthrough. You will see very little about a house if you merely go from room to room and never stop to take everything in. 

Make a mental note of anything that has to be changed or fixed. 

Most homes will have a few things that are going to need a little attention unless you are buying something that is brand new and never lived in. As you do a walkthrough for the first time, make a mental list of everything that needs to be fixed. Likewise, make a note of anything you know will have to be changed. For example, if you notice the front door is outdated and needs to be replaced or that the kitchen cabinets do not match your design ideas, these are things to pay attention to. If you have a list that is too long by the time you leave, you may want to move on to another prospect.

Spend some time looking at the proverbial underbelly of the house. 

The underbelly of the house will be all those areas that do not necessarily get shown in a real estate listing. The attic, the basement, the crawlspace—these are all examples of parts of a home that matter a lot but rarely get enough attention during a walkthrough. The thing is, the proverbial underbelly of a residential house can tell you a lot. For example, a good examination of an attic will show you how well the home is insulated, maybe how old the wiring is, and if there are issues with pests.