Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Shopping For A Home As A Military Member

It's no secret that life is a bit more complex for military members and their families. They have to consider the uniqueness of their job and the fact that they need to move and switch bases at any time. When it comes to buying a home, there are many more considerations to make. Luckily, there are real estate agents who specialize in military relocation. Keep reading to learn more about which questions you should be asking your real estate agent when shopping for a home as a military member or military family: 

Are They Used to Working With Military Members?

You want to check and see if your agent has experience working with military members and their families. If they're not a military home relocation agent or if they seem to only have some experience, you may want to look elsewhere to find an agent with more experience. Someone who works with military members and families regularly will know all the ins and outs, and they will also be used to helping their clients through the VA home loan process. 

Will You Need to Sign an Agreement?

Some real estate agents will require military home buyers to sign an agreement. This agreement usually spells out how long you'll need to agree to work with the agent during the buying process. Signing this agreement can be a good thing because it ensures that your agent will be working hard for you through the entire process. Be sure to look into all details of the contract, including the set time length and what you're able to do if your relationship isn't working well.

Can They Walk You Through the VA Home Loan Appraisal Process?

The appraisal process for a home being purchased with a VA home loan is much different than that of a conventional home loan. Your agent should be able to explain what to expect so that you feel confident.

Can They Provide References?

A great agent will be ready to hand over a list of references. There's no better way to understand what an agent can do for you and what the experience will be like working with them than by asking home buyers and sellers who have recently used their services.

Asking these questions can help you make a more informed decision when hiring a real estate agent for your home needs. As a military member or military member, you want to make sure that you hire someone who will be ready to help you through all of your unique needs. Contact a real estate agent who offers military home relocation services to learn more.