5 Signature Features Of A Luxury Home

One of the best things about purchasing a luxury home is you will be able to enjoy some luxury features. Luxury homes are full of unique features you will not find in a regular home. Here are a few of the top features that are often found in luxury homes.

Signature Feature #1: Specially Designed Swimming Pool

Most luxury homes also have swimming pools. However, there are not just any rectangular or oval-shaped pools. These are extremely nice swimming pools with luxury features, such as a waterfall flowing into the swimming pool or a wading area or attached hot tube. These swimming pools are often designed to be stunning visual elements.

Signature Feature #2:  Bowling Alley or Basketball Court

Luxury homes are full of unusual features you would not find in regular homes, such as a bowling alley or basketball court. This allows you to partake in activities right in your home that other people would have to leave their home in order to engage in.

Signature Feature #3: Indoor Pool Area

In addition to having an outside pool, many luxury homes also have an indoor pool, allowing you to swim regardless of the water outside. The indoor swimming pool may feature skylights or a wall of windows to let the light in.

These indoor swimming areas are made to feel luxurious and have great ventilation, so they don't always smell like chlorine. They are nice places to relax when you want some sunlight, but the weather outside isn't warm enough for you to hit up your outdoor pool.

Signature Feature #4: Large Closets

The one thing you will not want for in a luxury home is storage space. Large closets, which are the size of a bedroom in a regular home, are a standard feature in luxury homes. Most master bedrooms even have two different closets.

These are customized closets with built-in storage for all your different clothing types and large build in mirrors for checking out your outfits.

Signature Feature #5: Custom Garages

Many luxury homes also have custom garages. These garages are designed to hold a lot more than a typical two-car garage. Most luxury homes have garages that will allow you to store four or more cars, as well as extra storage space for items you don't want to keep in your home.

Luxury homes are designed to provide you with everything you could need from the comfort of your own property. You will find such features as specially designed outdoor swimming pools and indoor pool areas. You will also find things such as bowling alleys, basketball courts, custom garages, and large closets. If you can dream it, there is properly a luxury home with that feature out on the market waiting for you.